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Gregory Wolfe Forever Young

Since 1984, he has been performing as Rod Stewart, paying tribute to the British rock star by perfecting his natural Rodlike looks and singing voice. A longtime entertainer on the Orange County circuit, Wolfe has performed at the OC Fair as well as with the Pacific Symphony. But the 59-year-old impersonator says there’s more to his act than just his appearance. “I can get the crowd going, and that’s half the show. It really is.” First performance as Stewart? It was a mock rock contest back in
Orange Coast

eSports Entrepeneurs

Tyler Endres and Paul Ward, childhood friends-turned-business partners, say their new competitive gaming and entertainment complex, the first of its kind in North America, is the next big thing to top the pro sports circuit. The owners of Santa Ana’s eSports Arena knew if they built it, video gamers would come. In August nearly 11,000 fans packed Madison Square Garden to watch top pros compete in “League of Legends,” a multiplayer game with more than 85 million players worldwide. Some prize pool
Orange Coast

Signer to the Stars

The certified sign language interpreter, often seen on stage in theaters and comedy clubs in O.C., has signed next to some of the most famous folks in showbiz, including Jerry Seinfeld, "Weird Al" Yankovic, and Julie Andrews. Dunn is professionally bound to blend into the scene, but her animated translation puts her in the spotlight, too, sometimes making her about as invisible as the man behind the curtain we're supposed to ignore in favor of the great and powerful Oz.
Orange Coast

Anna Chinowth - Legally Blondie

For belting out ’80s tunes while wearing tulle and leg warmers in public, this Orange County deputy district attorney is guilty as charged. During a typical day, the lead singer of the tribute band Back to the 80s goes from working cases to working the mic at local hot spots. And what do the Laguna Niguel resident’s suited coworkers think about her extracurricular activities? “They’re often shocked by my stage persona, since I’m quiet at work. But they think it’s pretty cool.” How did you land
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Rich Cowley, Wedding Wizard

For his next trick, Rich Cowley will pronounce you legally wed. The magic castle magician and minister has married nearly 700 couples, including pait-ups on “the Biggest Loser” and “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” The Westminster resident once worked wonders on the streets of Philadelphia—“I took over Penn & Teller’s spot.” Now, instead of escaping from a straitjacket 18 times a day, he helps couples perform a magical feat of their own: tying the knot.

Complaining, for Your Health

In his 1964 book Games People Play, psychiatrist Eric Berne describes what he calls the “Yes, but” communication pattern: First, one person states a problem. Next, another person responds by offering suggestions on how to solve it. The first then says, “Yes, but …” and proceeds to shoot down any solutions offered. “Because [problem-solving] is not the purpose of the exchange,” Berne writes. “Its purpose is to allow the subject to gain sympathy from others in his inadequacy to meet the situation.

Craig Shoemaker Says Laughter is the Best Medicine

Shoemaker hopes the restorative power of laughter will cure. Ever hear the one about the comic and the cancer patient? The comic walks into a chemo bar with his buddy who has brain cancer, and sees nothing but mind-numbing material all around: daytime soaps, a screaming Jerry “Who’s Your Baby’s Daddy?” Springer, and a med staff whose attention is harder to catch than a back-row heckler. “Who wouldn’t want to pull the plug?” the comedian asks in all seriousness. For Craig Shoemaker, a.k.a. The Lo